New plugin from Full Bucket Music

Has anyone tried the plugins from fullbucket? They have a new free one which looks useful

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Schweeeeet! I love Björn’s work. I’ve used a dozen or so of his synths. Tricent sounds like an excellent addition.

One little odd thing I tend to forget.

To select a new patch from a menu instead of click click click click click on the left or right arrow, you need to left-click in the Program number field, NOT the Program Name field. You’ll then get a menu to the 63+Init patches provided.

Sounded very good with the quick play-through I gave it.

i also love his stuff.

Either of you know this guy? Apparently people are having a problem with Gig Performer and some of his plugins and I’d like to get him involved so we can figure it out

I don’t know him but I found this email adress :

Thanks, I got hold of him - we verified that the crash is in his plugin so hopefully it will get addressed quickly


He’s been busy. v1.0.4 just posted for d/l.

Release notes:

Version 1.0.4 (03-Mar-2020)

  • fixed Brass release in Split mode
  • fixed crashes for some more hosts (Mac)

Version 1.0.3 (02-Mar-2020)

  • fixed endless release for some hosts
  • fixed crashes for some hosts

Version 1.0.2 (02-Mar-2020)

  • user-defined Startup VST bank
  • fixed MIDI CC Sustain for Brass section
  • fixed initial trident.ini creation

Yes, GP was crashing due to a bug in Trident and he fixed it (1.0.4 version)

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