New Juno 106 plugin

Anybody tested this?

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Thanks for showing this - i guess, i will buy a copy of this classic synth VST.
I listened to the demos and i must say, for the price of $25, it looks like a no-brainer.

ohhh, one can’t have it all; I was on the fence because of the MPE support…

I loved my Juno 106 back in the 80’s. $25 is a steal.

I just bought it and played around with some patches… sounds great, but it also is a little CPU hog.
Time to finish my new suitcase-PC… that will have a bit more “horse power” than my actual laptop.

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The Juno 106 is also available from Roland Zenology, for $149 a lifetime license, but it is supposed to be more CPU friendly. I would be curious to see and hear the difference…