Anyone tried the new syntehsizer BOLT HARMONICS SYNTHESIZER from Nektar?


If I were going to buy a new synth VST, it’d be Arturia’s Pigments.

I just don’t trust Nektar to support new products past the intro period.

I really wanted to like my Panorama P6, but…

As a keyboard, it’s very good. As a control surface, it blows chunks. Big ones.

I had to buy a Faderport to cover that functionality.


Anyone had GOOD luck with Nektar support over the life of your product?


Yes. I had an LX61+ controller, and I quickly realized that one of the keys registered MIDI on event only some of the times it was pressed. Nektar support had me confirm with a MIDI event logger, and they very quickly sent me a replacement and then had me send the defective unit back. No issues on replacement after hundreds of hours of use.