New and looking for some advice


I’m new to the software and I’m hoping someone can help me figure out the best way to do this.

I want to be able to use midi buttons in order to switch between many (36) different sounds/VSTs/plugins. Some might use the same plugin but with different settings, others will use different plugins.

I could create 36 rackspaces but I don’t think I can quickly call them up via midi buttons, other than “next” and “previous.”

Should I create one super giant rackspace and use the midi buttons to mute and unmute things? Or bypass and un-bypass?

Thanks for any tips!

Hi @nicholas, welcome to the family,
With sending PC messages you can directly switch to variations.
Each variation can have its own unique PC number.

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Gotcha, thanks! So all the plugins will need to be loaded into the rackspace and the variations will take care of bypass/mute different ones and settings within the plugins, is that right? And then midi can toggle between variations?

Welcome to the GP community @nicholas :wink:
Why do you think so?

I just saw them labeled in the global midi settings. But now I know I need to look into PC messages - sounds like they can switch between variations or rackspaces so that should solve my problem!

Just to be clear — program changes (and even Next/Prev) switch you from one variation to another.

You never explicitly switch to a rackspace but if your program change is associated with a variation in a different rackspace then that different rackspace will be loaded. So think of the rackspace as the “thing” that holds a particular plugin configuration and the variations as determining the settings of the various plugins (via widgets)