Nektar Panorama T6 clock Sync issues

Greetings community.

Starting to say that I’m totally grateful for this amazing piece of software. It’s a game changer for me.

So, to the question:
My setup is Laptop with Gig performer, connected to a focusrite 2i2, also connected to an RC 505 loopstation from Boss.
Mixer with audio inputs (Mic, guitar) connected to Ch 1 on Focusrite.
Works very well, I’m able to use the plugins, and to record on RC 505 tracks the output.
In record mode I’m able to record the whole performance, connecting the output of the loopstation to Ch2 on the focusrite.

I bought a Nektar Panorama T6, and was trying to assign the clock of the controler to sync through external clock, but it’s not working with gig performer. Gig performer is receiving perfectly the clock info from RC 505, but is not sending it to Nektar T6.
Also work with reaper, and with it I could sync the clock of the controler, so it is working.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Gig Performer does not generate MIDI clock

Thank you for the answer.
The clock is being generated by the RC505, and gig performer is receiving that info, and adjusting accordingly.
What I would love to happen is that it could pass it through to the controller. This controller only has a midi out connection, not midi in, otherwise I would connect the loopstation directly to it. Only has midi usb connection.
Maybe it’s not possible, but I’m trying to have some ideas of how to work this thing around.
Otherwise I will use gig performer to generate delays, that will be in sync, but the keyboard has this amazing feature of note and pad repeat, that would work wonderfully if it was in sync.
Maybe an external device that can link the midi from the RC505 directly to panorama T6, but don’t know if it’s possible.
Thank you.

Hmmm – I think with MIDI clock you should think of a star-shaped network (one MIDI clock source to many other MIDI clock receivers) rather than a chain network (each MIDI clock receiver propagates the clock to the next one). :thinking:

Thanks David-san…

And how I would do that? The controller only has midi out, not midi in…

Is there any device that can reverse midi direction?

Hm… despite the Nektar keyboard only having a 5-Pin MIDI-OUT, it should offer both, MIDI-IN and OUT via USB!
So if you connect both devices (the RC505 and the Nektar) to your computer, you should see all the available MIDI-Ports in GigPerformer, and then (in GP) you can very easily conect all of them at will.
Another option would be to get a little USB Midi host box to which you could connect the Nektar via USB and which then would provide a regular IN/OUT 5 pin version.
Something like this:

Thank you so much.
I’ll check out the options I enabled in gig performer, and if it doesn’t work I’ll check out the device you mentioned…

Reviews for this converter are bad when it comes to midi-clock

Assuming that you have a DIN5 to USB MIDI adapter on your GP computer, you will probably also need to duplicate the MIDI out of the RC505 to feed GP and the Nektar keyboard (or rather its MIDI USB-DIN5 adapter) using something like that:

I haven’t looked explicitly for midi clock compliance, but in that case probably a similar device from Kenton would be the better choice… (they also make through-boxes):

This short review looks quite promising for what is wanted:

And as @David-san mentioned, you’d best go with a through-box for a proper star-shaped connection of your devices.

I’ll check it out…

Thank you so much for all your inputs… I’ll check those suggestions out, and I’ll post some feedback after…

Thanks, I’ll look into it.