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I use a Yamaha CP300 to send PCs to GP. For some odd reason every now and again it will send a cc7, 127 message along with the PC, causing whatever I am playing to blast at full volume when I play it. I have tried everything to figure this out on Yamaha’s end and spoken with tech support there but they are not going to do anything about it as its not really a supported keyboard anymore. I do my best to remember and adjust the volume before playing after PC, but it is a real bummer.

I am wondering if it would have possible for a script to block cc7s only on a program change? And if so, would anyone be able to help me do that? Thanks so much!

Can you see this messages in the global MIDI window?
And what does that mean “along with the PC”?
CC messages and PC messages are totally independent.

Well, you should probably find out the reason. Sounds like something is not configured properly.

Thanks for the help, Paul! When I change presets on the CP300 it sends out a bank message and a PC message to GP. But randomly and occasionally it will also send a third message with them (cc7 with value of 127). And yes I see them in the global window.

I thought I had made clear I had spent considerable time trying to find the reason for this, including speaking with Thanh Dao at Yamaha. She was able to duplicate the issue. However the likelihood of them releasing any sort of firmware update for this keyboard is close to 0. There is no rhyme or reason for when the CC7 gets sent. I can just press the same preset button over and over and 75% of time it will not send the cc7 …but occasionally it will. So I am at a dead end with that.

Do you need that cc7 message in other use cases?
With a widget you can catch that cc7 message or you filter it with a midi filter plugin.

Could you please a few screenshots of the Global MIDI monitor when it happens, just to check the timings involved in between CC0, CC32, PC and CC7?

Oh - so as opposed to a misconfiguration, this is a known bug in the keyboard? That’s what I wanted to understand.

You will see on here that the 3rd PC message sent also had the cc11 message as well. I’m sorry I have been mistakenly referring to it as cc7 previously. It is definitely the last of the third message not the first of the fourth.

I guess you could say it was a known bug…once I pointed it out to them. But they made clear that there is not much likelihood of them putting resources into tracking it down and releasing any kind of update for this keyboard.

CC 11 is the Expression control — do you have an expression pedal connected that might be sporadically sending out its current value?

Probably not if the Yamaha woman could reproduce this…

You coudl try to add this GPScript to your Gig script editor and compile it.

  CP300        : MidiInDeviceAlias // Define CP300 as a RigManager alias to the real controller
  time         : Double = TimeSinceStartup();  
  filterDelay  : Double = 50.0; //in ms

On ControlChangeEvent(m : ControlChangeMessage) Matching 11 from CP300
  If TimeSinceStartup()>time Then InjectMidiEventViaRigManager(CP300, m); End

On ProgramChangeEvent(m : ProgramChangeMessage) from CP300
  InjectMidiEventViaRigManager(CP300, m);
  time = TimeSinceStartup()+filterDelay;

You have to replace all ocurence of CP300 in the GPScript by your own Rig Manager alias or define CP300 in Rig Manager. Then try to test if it filters out the CC#11 just after a PC. I could’t test if it works.

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So, to repeat what was asked earlier, do you actually need that CC11 for anything? If so, how do you generate it yourself when it’s needed?

You know I have just been living with this for a while. It took along while to track down…couldn’t figure why all of a sudden a plug-in would blast at full volume. But as I am redoing things at the moment I thought I’d see if I could get some help here.

But the reinvestigation has led me to discover further that what is happening is that any time I switch from a preset that has the expression pedal mapped to an internal sound AND the expression pedal gets moved…when you switch to a preset that has the expression pedal instead assigned to transmit MIDI cc11, that cc11, 127 message gets sent with the PC,

MAYBE that’s by design. I can’t imagine why. Or it’s a bug. But either way it doesn’t work for me. Paul I will give that script a try and SINCERELY appreciate the help and the time and effort you put into it.

I do indeed have sliders and pedals sending out cc11s depending on the preset. But I am also understanding now way too late that I can surely find and assign another MIDI channel for them all and just block all cc11s from the CP300. I’m sorry, that was indeed old fashioned thinking about MIDI even though i do use the widgets for everything

But I’m going to try the script, Paul. Thank you, that will be a lot easier

The script came from @David-san. But they are both Script Jedi’s :wink:


Thanks so much David!!! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome, call me Paul Sir if you want, but please tell me if the Gig script works for you. :wink:


Hi David,

It appears to me to be working perfectly! Thanks again!!!

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That’s a good news :wink: