Native Instruments & Expression Pedal / +12db problem

I have run into a problem regarding volume controlled by expression pedal (cc#11) in Komplete 13.

If I build a rackspace with VST from different brands they all respons to my expression pedal except for Native Instrument.

I solve this by cc midi learn in Kontakt, but then I get a new problem: the volume goes to +12 db and distorts slightly in the output from Kontakt, when my expression pedal is at max.

In Global rackspace I tried to reduce max expression value but it doesnt work for some reason.

I use faders on my Kronos to volume cc7 so I can mix on the fly. Kontakt has an option of controlling cc7 within a specific range, but this doesnt apply to cc11 unfortunately.

Can anyone think of a solution to control Kontakt with expression pedal without risk of distortion from the plugin?

Why not control the volume with a gain plugin after Kontakt.
I would not control the volume in Kontakt.

You should use host automation to control all your plugins, not MIDI messages.
Edit: also, what @pianopaul said about gain control or audio mixer

What is host automation?
I thought I had the solution, but it still distorted…


And here a video in this post
Modulation speed in Kontakt

as suggested by @pianopaul and @dhj, I wouldn’t control the volume of plugins directly but use a GP Mixer instead. I even do it in the Global Rackspace and simply route my plugin outputs from the Local to the Global Rackspace.

I will look into it right away.

When I assign a volume widget after the plugin to be controlled by expression pedal, it works for the Kontakt VST but then it blocks all other VST´s from being controlled by the expression pedal.

In other words: Use widgets! This is the “core-skill” of Gig Performer - you shouldn’t try to circumvent this… things are mostly getting more complicated if you do.
Here is a link to the manual:
Widgets (

I am using plenty of widgets already, and have an okay understanding of Gigperformer (been working with it for 3 months). But Im new to Kontakt and the way it behaves.

I will check out the video, and thanks for feedback. Very appreciated.



Please share your solution so that others may benefit.


If you control the GP Mixer with a MIDI volume pedal, it will control the volume of any plugin going through the GP Mixer…

I ended up inserting a widget knob - midi learn to expression pedal controller 11 - scaling widget value to 75 to avoid to much output - mapping to Kontakt output (not using cc midi learn).