My problem is that when switching between the different variations a click is emitted


Along with saying hello to everyone, I use GP3 and UVI with B5 from AcousticSamples. I have created a Rackspace and within Variations, as many as themes use this instrument. My problem is that when switching between the different variations a click is emitted. This happens in the Rackspace and the SetList. How can you avoid this?, Please help


Without knowing what you’re doing, it’s impossible to diagnose. GP itself won’t produce clicks but if you have a widget attached to some plugin parameter and the parameter causes a click when it changes, that could be an issue. But that would be the plugin, not GP


What OS / Soundcard?
Are you clicking the new variation with your mouse or keyboard?
Does it emit a click when changing variations via MIDI controller too?


Hi Yes, all the plugin configuration is associated with Widgets so that it adapts the sound configuration I need. Actually I think it’s the B5 that emits the noise. Is there a Scrip that, at the time of the change, silences the Plugin until the new variation?


Hi EnjoyRC, I work with Windows 8.1 and Tascam cards. The noise makes the change of the variation, independent from where the instruction is


Something in one of your plugins within that rackspace is making the click.
When you switch variations all that’s happening is basically your widgets change values which change parameters in your plugins.
One of them seems to be producing clicks when you do that. You’d have to figure out which one is doing it first. Maybe bypass them one by one and to the test until you remove the click. Then see why is it doing that.


I have the same kind of issue with my Ivory piano plugin in a variation where I add the Ivory built in synth string. The click is produced by the plugin itself when activating the strings. It can probably be solved by putting another instance of the same plugin with the different parameters in another rackspace, because when switching between two rackspaces you benefit the GP patch persist mechanism.


Yes - there’s really no telling what the plugin will do if you change the entire patch for example in a variation.
Putting it in a separate rackspace ensures no pops or clicks, smooth transition, patch persist functionality etc…