My main presale question - midi editing either gp or external


I am a Cantabile user but I have a few misgivings about it. Gig performer seems to fill in a lot of gaps.

This is not a make or break issue but some of my music is made by sequencing several passages in midi in a piano roll. These sequences are integrated into extemporaneous performance.

I would like to do this in the context of a vst host. I think the only host that I would otherwise want is Usine but I think it is not right for me for other reasons.

I don’t see a midi editor in the features of gig performer but maybe I missed it?

The other option I tried in cantabile was to load FL Studio as a vst and use it’s fully featured piano roll. This is a trick I learned from being a reaper user and some people are not even aware that this is possible.

I am not in a place right now where I can test this so I am asking if anyone is aware of any midi editing capabilities in Gp itself and also on the offf chance that maybe someone tried this FL studio trick in GP did it work? Usine would not “see” the FL plugin nor would Cantabile and reaper does not serve the same need as GP even though many reaper users says it’s Turing complete. Sometimes Turing complete is not enough.



So I downloaded GP and am doing a trial. I installed FL Studio, and installed the FL Studio vsti plugin, 64-bit, in the directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20

which is also the main working directory for the FL Studio binaries. I added this directory to the search path of the GP plugin manager.

I also edited the plugin path of FL Studio itself to include all my vsts because while I mainly intended to test Midi out from Fl Studio, I also might want to route audio out of FL Studio to the GP mixer.

So I was able to locate the FL Studio plugins - I was feeling conservative and chose the single output version. I would not be surprised if GP can accept multiple output channels but I want to keep things simple.

I then routed audio out of FL studio to a four channel mixer in GP, and then added an Arturia DX7 plugin. I routed midi out from FL to the DX7.

I then added the Midi Output plugin in FL Studio to a blank project, and routed output on port 10, which was the port that FL Studio chose for its “vst plugin” midi output which I guess it adds when it knows that it is running as a plugin.

I created a simple two bar loop in the Piano roll and copied the same midi to an FL studio VST synth plugin.

I hit the start button in GP and both synths are playing in unison, seemingly with no issues.

As I said above this is not my only use case, but it is a bit more specific than my general use case, and it looks good for me to buy a Gig Performer license.

It would have been nice if this message could have gotten a helpful reply, but maybe I didnt follow protocol for getting pre-sales questions answered?

In any case if anyone on the internet wants to do something similar it seems to work in GP.


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Thank you for providing this information. Definitely useful.

Many of us are busy on the weekends either performing or preparing for a performance and the response / read frequency on the weekends is a little lower - sorry about that.

I’m sure you’ll find out forums very engaging and responsive in general…

Thanks again for sharing this information.



i have been travelling the last few days and i forgot it was the weekend. I am pretty amazed by gig performer and the way you engage with users, and i really admire your tendency to release updates often and as needed.

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Thank you for your kind words. We’ll try to keep it up that way. We’re musicians too and we understand the joys and pressures associated with being on stage which helps when designing the software and helping our users.