My first gig with GigPerformer

This “Rosenmontag” - a special day in Germany - I had my first gig with GigPerformer.
The experience was amazing, GigPerformer did its job very well.

No issue at all, low CPU, low memory, no audio glitches.
That all I had with mainstage 3.2.

My setup for that gig was: GigPerformer to play my sounds, Ableton Live to play some loops and special effects, GrandVJ to play some video synchronized to Ableton Live.

To control GigPerformer I use the S88 from Native Instruments.
One knob is controlling the output level of a widget in GigPerformer, and with 2 additional knobs I can control to switch the rackspaces up and down.

Best of all: OSC!

I use a M4L Patch in Ableton to show the current selected scene in GigPerformer.
All rackspaces correspond to different scenes in Ableton Live and when a rackspace is
switched, the scene in Ableton is switched and I can see the name of the scene in
Also the current song position of Ableton Live is shown in GigPerformer.
That is somestimes very useful, you know what I mean?

The play and stop buttons on S88 are linked to Ableton.
This way I can control the complete setup from my keyboard.

To go a step further I am using Duet to show GigPerformer on my iPad.
Now I can place my MacBook Pro anywhere, no need to control that.

Next I do is not to use Ableton Live.
How can that be done?

It is really simple.
I use UVI-workstation, because it can stream samples from the harddisk.
In GigPerformer I can send notes to UVI-Workstation in using a button.

This button starts playing or stops playing.
The only thing I cannot do is scrolling forward or backward like I could do in Ableton Live.
But in live situations, why should I do that?

In a nutshell: GigPerformer is the best program I bought the last years, highly recommended.

Here you can see what I am talking about: My first gig with GigPerformer

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