My amp is in Global Rackspace and Gain is too high! (TIP)

I completed my rig using the AmpBox Euphoria (Bogner) amp in my Global Rackspace. I created Global Parameters for all the settings and then in the rackspaces I referenced all the amp settings to the Global Parameters. This gave me the benefit of being able to change the settings while still using one instance of the plug in.

After I completed my rig (and all 150 rackspaces and songs) I realized I had too much gain on the 2nd channel of the amp. At first I thought I would have to go through all rackspaces and adjust them.

Then I changed the parameter numbers of the gain controls. Now all the rackspaces defaulted to the global setting and if I want something special for a preset, I just can go in and point to the new parameter number.

I think this could have other practical uses if you have to modify a global setting that is also adjustable in a rackspace.

All good!