"Muting" Rig Manager Blocks-SOLVED


I seem to be having a little problem with Rig Manager.

In the past, I’ve used three keyboards for live use, all connected via USB. It was simple to assign each a MIDI Device Alias (Swell, Great, Choir) and everything worked as it should.

Now I am trying to get away from USB as DIN seems more reliable. I set my keyboards to different MIDI output channels, and used a MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge to feed into my RME Babyface. I then mirrored the original “rig” MidiInBlocks so that each block would react on a different MIDI channel. I didn’t delete my original rig MIDI blocks because I thought it might come in handy if I was ever needed to use USB.

While the DIN is working, for some reason, my “Rig Blocks” seem to be defaulting to another keyboard when not connected. For example, my “Great” rig out will send MIDI data from one of my other keyboards even when it has no alias. If I connect a different keyboard to the “Great” alias and remove the MIDI device association, it continues send MIDI from that particular keyboard.

Similarly, if I remove the alias from the rig manager, the block finds another source to send MIDI.

Is it possible to globally “mute” these blocks?


Found a work around. Set the MIDI alias to an unused virtual IAC bus. Solved.