"muting" GP3 in the whole ( shut down CPU load when unused ? )


i don´t want to shut down my GP3 when unused,
but i want to “shut it off” "from loading the CPU when unused,
How do i do this ?
( sorry, if this was allready asked, …probably even by me)

…and ideally also taking it off from using any RAM.
guess that one won´t work. Respectivly would i have to quite GP3 entirely, right ?

Create an empty rackspace (no plugin loaded) and switch to that rackspace.
To free up RAM create some empty rackspaces ´, enable predictive load and locate one of the middle empty rackspaces.
Only empty rackspaces should be marked in green.

Or create just a new gig,


Going to “Options” - cmd+, on macosx; Audio engine is off and CPU is reduced :wink:


That is really a nice trick.

“Cmd+,” or “Ctrl+,” in Windows

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i don´t understand this, sorry.
when i click options, do i get to see several options to click :wink:

what exactly do i have to click ? (i´m on a keyboard where + is: “arrow-up + 1”

Click ‘Options’ and look at the CPU meter in GP.
It will be 0%, and no audio signal will go through.
That’s it!


Just choose the “Options” menu!! and leave it open :wink:

@jpt corrected my missing " , " comma (sorry)


ok, i see.
I think i prefer the emtpy rackspace method and will incorporate one from now on in my Gigs.
Thanks everybody for giving a hand !

…and “the open options dialogue” when unprepared :wink:
the Gigs that i would load and keep open all day long are finally ± allways the same