MUTE ALL Widget?

Hi gang,

So I have all the tunes for a show setup in a setlist. There is a break in between, so I thought it might be a good idea to create a “Mute All” widget on the rackspace of the 1st tune of the 2nd set. That way I can have the set all loaded up and ready to go, but take away any CPU strain the plugins are imposing (about 35-40%) whilst it is sitting idle for 20 minutes.

I tried putting a switch widget on the rack and assinging it to all the synth plugins to be a “bypass” but it only seems to latch to the last one I select.

Other options? Thanks.

Why not make a null rackspace and call it set break… so you just have to walk up and go to the next rackspace/song to start set 2?


Damn…good call.
Just another case of overthinking!
That’s why Im here…

Thanks for the simple, yet excellent tip :wink: