Multiple select and copy/paste in the patch workspace?


is there a keyboard modifier (e.g. Shift, Ctrl) that you can hold in order to select multiple Blocks (e.g. a rectangle drag-and-select) to move/copy/delete them (instead of having to do one at a time)?

For example, if I have 8 inputs from the audio interface that I want to process with 2-plugins each, a Dynamic and an EQ, and then route them to a mixer (inserting these 16 blocks inline on each channel, coming from the interface and into the mixer) it takes a long time to create all blocks and then align them on the workspace, using only the right-click context menu.

If one could create 2x Blocks (e.g. Dyn + EQ) and align them,
then select them both and duplicate,
select those 4 blocks again and duplicate,
and finally select the 8 blocks and duplicate
you would have all the Blocks you need in approx 10 mouse-clicks.

Is this possible, and I’ve simply not stumbled onto the keyboard modifier combination yet or is the Block editing confined to single selection at this time?


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Unfortunately it’s still one at a time. Multi block selection for exactly your purpose is on our list, we know this is needed.

wow, thanks for your quick reply dhj

adding this functionality + some other modifier shortcuts (like Caption) in the Block edit panel would vastly improve the setup process; please hurry this along :slight_smile:


We know :wink:

Yes, they know what we need :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:

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…and we need what they know


A Block container (without any processing) would also be marvellous -
i.e. one where you could combine multiple blocks into one container and just have the in/out/midi connections passing through into the internal routing in the container.

Sort of like a folder with a pre-set block setup (that could then be easily copied and pasted)


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One more thing they already know :slight_smile: