Multiple instance of "To" and "From Gobal Rackspace"

In regular rackspace it is possible to load multiple instances of “To Global Rackspace” and “From Global Rackspace”. Just like with any other plugin, it simply adds a sequence to the instance ie: From/To Global rackspaces (1)(2)…etc)
I cannot find a way to do a matching/counter part in the global rackspace itself (as in adding From/To Rackspaces(1)(2) etc), so what is the point of having a From/To Global rackspaces (1)(2)…etc?

Or am I missing something and there is a way to add multiple instances in the global rackspace as well?

Sheer convenience. Sometimes you’d prefer not to have to make connections from all over the place to a single plugin, harder to trace the wires, etc

I’m sure its me…but I don’t get it. All the To/From global rackspaces (in the regular RS) and the To/From rackspaces (in the global) have to match. They all have to have the same number of channels. So if I have a 16 channel to/from rackspaces in the global and want add a to/from global to a regular rackspace, it will automatically be a 16 channel (if I change it, it will update and force change all other instances). So, if there can only be a single instance of X number of channel to/from in the global and I already have the same X channel to/from global in my regular RS, why would I want another one, or how, as you put it could I benefit from the convenience of another instance? It would make complete sense to me if that second instance could also show up in the global, but this way…???

The convenience is if you are connecting multi plugins to these To/From Global Rackspace blocks and your routing is complicated. It just makes for a cleaner block layout - that’s the only benefit.

Oh, it’s a VISUAL convenience! I don’t know why my brain was refusing to even consider that last night! LOL
BTW, may I use this opportunity to request a feature of having a similar function inn the global rackspace? That is starting to look like a wire mess for me for the same exact reason. But in the global rackspace, not so much copies of the same in/outputs, but sections of the (currently) very long channel strip. In other words, for example channels 1-8 would be one, 9-16 another,17-24 another and so forth… That would clean things up a lot in my case. And more than 64 channels (once this is possible). Thank you! Loving the global rackspace!

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