Multiple Hardware Controllers for the same parameter

I’ve been building a rig playing software synthesisers on GigPerformer. To modulate the sound, I’m very often working with filter frequency and resonance. To have easy access to these params, I created multiple widgets that control the filter frequency:

  • Footpedal
    • → Filter frequency
  • Midi Fighter (Midi Controller with many knobs, ideal for controlling a soft-synth)
    • → Filter frequency
  • Midi Keyboard knobs
    • → Filter frequency

The screenshot shows one visible frequency knob, and below two small knobs that are invisible.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 16.16.03

This all works fine, two of the hardware controllers above are invisible on my GigPerformer rackspace.

  • When I load the rackspace, then all controllers are showing the currently stored filter frequency values as the value is synced (ok, the foot pedal ist not able to do this :smile: ).
  • When I change the filter frequency using the foot pedal, it would be nice if I could see the updated value also in the other hardware controllers.
    • The Midi Keyboard (NI S61 has a nice display and shows the current filter frequency value, would be nice to see this constantly updating while moving the foot pedal).
    • The Midi Fighter also displays the current value, so the same situation here.

To sum it up, ideally I’m able to change the frequency filter on any controller, and this is reflected on all the other synced hardware controllers.

Is there an easy way to do this…?

I was trying to use groups, but there’s a limitation: you can’t assign the same param on multiple widgets in a group, you’ll get this error from GigPerformer:

Cannot add this widget to group (A)
Group (A) already contains a widget that is connected to the same plugin and parameter as this widget. You cannot have multiple widgets that point to the same plugin/parameter within the same group.

Because it is a widget group you only need to assign the plugin parameter to 1 widget of the group.


It’s not a limitation - as @pianopaul correctly noted, you just associate the plugin parameter with one of the widgets in the group

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Oh, this is amazing, it works! :smiley:

Looks like I did not read the docs carefully enough, thanks a ton for helping me out!

Not sure if others would also fail here, so maybe the error message could be extended with some advise, something like:

Group (A) already contains a widget that is connected to the same plugin and parameter as this widget. The plugin/parameter of this widget must be removed before it can be added to Group (A).


Not a bad suggestion though perhaps “remove or change” might be better since you can certainly have different parameters on different widgets in the same group.


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