Multiple authorizations on same computer?

Greetings everyone, been aa GP user since version 3. I recently upgraded to version 5 a week ago and authorized the version on my laptop, no problem. I had a live date over the weekend, and when firing up the laptop, it had me go through the authorization process again.

It got me wondering, for future reference… are the authorizations hard drive-dependent (I use the same laptop for my studio use, with NVMe dives in a PCIe hub, and then external sample drives for live), or is it machine-dependent? I can’t remember if I updated Ventura OS (I know I didn’t move from one operating system to another, but “might” have updated Ventura from one version to another). I just want to make sure I don’t use up all my authorizations for some strange reason and find myself painted in a corner in the future.

My sincere thanks for any help, I appreciate it!

It is always best to deauthorise before doing a software update. I forgot to do this with the last Venture update I did, and had to re-authorise. If you ever get stuck, you can open a support ticket. They get sorted very quickly.


That should not have happened unless you allowed your laptop to update, something you should never do unless you have a week or two before a show so you have time to deal with any issues

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Ahh, that’s probably what happened. Thanks for the feedback. It’s hard to keep track of all the software deauthorizing/ reauthorizing. :slight_smile:

Well, frankly I would encourage you (and everybody for that matter) to disable automatic updates, whether it’s your OS, plugins, or even other applications, unless you have plenty of time (a week or two) to deal with any issues.
This is a best practice and it’s not about Gig Performer particularly. One just never knows if a new plugin update will break something, or perhaps change a parameter to which a widget was mapped. Or a security update might modify the firewall which could then decide that GP is not allowed to access files. In the Windows world, there’s still a risk that a DLL could get updated and break something.

You do not need to have the stress of trying to figure such things out when you’re about to go (or are already) on stage.

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Yeah, I never do auto-updates. I just did a typical Ventura/ Safari security update a couple days before and it must have messed with the authorization of GP. No biggie, all good, good to know going forward. Thanks for your help!

I rest my case!!!

Go for a couple of weeks and then TEST everything

Understood, all good! LOL :slight_smile: This wasn’t a deal-breaker or gig-killer, I just found it interesting. FWIW, I still had GP 4 on the laptop, so I had a fallback plan if needed. And if THAT didn’t work, I had all my hardware keys as a last resort.