Multiple Audio Output Devices Resizing

Every instantiation of a multi output device takes up so much real-estate in GP that it is easy to get lost in the clutter or find space to put it so it doesn’t overlap with other plugin chains. It would be nice to have handles to shrink the plugin icons down to only the amount of outputs being used instead of seeing all 32 outputs when only 4 are being used.

You can set the max number of channels in the Options menu. Set it to the max number you want any plugin to use.


Great Thanks!! That solves it!

I just realized this is a global setting. One song I need 8 stereo outputs from Omnisphere but only 2 outputs for the Mach 5, 4 outputs for Battery 4 and 6 outputs for Kontakt 5 all in the same song.

The next song even with the same instruments will change. It would be nice if this output feature would go for each instrument in each individual song.

Yes, this will be addressed in a future version.

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