Multi-instance: Scanning Plugins at every opening!

It’s my first post here. :grinning:
I’m a very happy Gig Performer User! (mac os 10.15.7 with GP 4.5.8 )
I’m currently building a project where I need multi instance.
I used this tuto : Gig Performer | How to use multiple instances in Gig Performer 4
I wrote the scripts to easily access instances in Gig Performer.
It works but every time I launch an instance using this technique GP is scanning all my plugins… I have a bunch of plugins on my laptop so it takes about 20-30 minutes to load an instance… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
When I load the project directly without using the script it doesn’t rescan my plugins but I can’t open multi instance .
Is there a way to avoid this scanning?
thank you a lot for your help!!

Each instance is independent; you have a setting to disable it…
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.10.15

thank you for your fast answer! :metal:
unfortunately it doesn’t fix the problem. I tried to disable this option but when I use the script to launch multiple instances it continue to Scan Plugins at opening .

here is my script:
do shell script “"/Applications/" -in=main &>/dev/null &”

And when you start the instances manually then no scan is done?

yes! this scanning happens only when I use the script.

So do not use the script :wink:

Just kidding

Maybe a Catalina “misbehaviour”…

Did this with Automator. when started the 1. time scan was done, this is ok.
All subsequent do not scan.

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What do you mean by ‘continue to scan’? Even with this setting to scan, it won’t take any time if there isn’t something new to scan.

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That is what I recall; one initial scan and then no more.

I have this working nicely on 10.13 (High Sierra)
checkin on latest Mojave (12.5.1)

trying in automator but it fails:

Capture d’écran 2022-09-01 à 12.53.23

when i use the script it’s like i’m opening the GP for the first time, it rescan all plugins. And it doesn’t keep my “plugin manager” organisation (I have disabled many plugins in the manager)

How do you run the script?

also, maybe it’s an other problem but:
when I open a project and use the “open existing instance” the instance openned is a new blank project wich is not the one I saved.
sorry if my explanation is not clear…

I saved the script as an “application”
Then I just click on it to launch

Look at the Automator error message. It’s telling you what’s wrong. You have a quote at the end of the path name but not at the beginning.

I usually launch instances from the Mac menubar, but I just saved one as an application (from Script Editor) and it works as expected. I have the instance set to not scan plugins - and it doesn’t.

I am on Mojave. The command I use is:
do shell script "\"/Applications/\" -in=myInstanceName1 &>/dev/null &"

OK sorry.
I relaunch it with automator, it will take 30min to scan plugins.

Presumably that instance already exists. It sounds like the OP is referring to an instance name that doesn’t exist, hence there’s no settings file and so it looks like a completely new user.

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