MOXF8 preset changes

I just need to know how to change preset voices from GP on my moxf8.

Do you know what midi messages are necessary to switch presets on mofx8?
There are some ways to send such messages out of Gig Performer

I have a complete data list for the keyboard. I don’t know what is required i have the msb/lsb for the patches I want to use but the implementation within GP is what I need. I know I need a midi out block, But what else?

Do you want to change Motif presets when you switch a song part?
When you want this then the above link should help

Try this
In SetList Mode when you switch the parts PC messages are sent out to the Midi Out.
You have to change that Midi Out to your physical Motif Midi Device
Motif.gig (9.4 KB)

Thanks I’ll try this tonight

Maybe you have to experiment a little bit with the messages :wink:

I’ve been trying to do this from within the connections view.

Yes this should be possible too, but is sent out when you switch to that rackspace.
With my gig you can send out per variation.