Moving GP from one computer to another

I’m setting up my Gig Performer on an iMac with the intention of porting it to a MacBook in another location. I’m trying to make sure I keep all of the needed files in one place. I’ve put Gig Performer in a dropbox folder that syncs with my other MacBook.

So here are the questions

  • I notice that Gigperformer seems to keep all its files in a folder in the Documents area of the Mac. Even if I load Gigperformer from a different place it looks like favorites, presets and other things are saved to the Documents area. So is the Documents folder all inclusive?

  • If I use plug ins like Sampletank and Neural DSP are the presets that are created to use in GP also saved there? Same is true for the “multis” in Sampletank. Are they saved in Gigperformer or in the Sampletank and Neural folders as an example.

Just wanting to make sure I can save “the equivalent of a project in Logic Pro that contains everything”

Thanks and please point me in the right documentation direction if I missed it.


The plugin state is stored in the gig file.


The plugin state is stored in the gigfile. GP presets are under that same documents folder

However, make sure that your actual plugins and specially the sample file locations are identical on both machines.


Be careful with this. While it works 98% of the time for me, I do run into issues where GP can’t save and the solution I have found is to save as… /desktop and then close, move the file to dropbox and relaunch. Dropbox can interfere at times with some files available state.


Interesting. On my home computer I have all the samples on an external drive. My intent was to put them all on the MacBook. I guess that will be a problem?

Probably — while it generally depends on the plugin, part of the state of a plugin includes the paths to samples so if you put the samples somewhere else, they won’t be findable.

NI Kontakt does pop up a dialog asking you for the new location but not every plugin is going to do this.

You might be able to handle this by creating symbolic links.

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