Moving Gig Performer to a new disk (Windows)

I’ve had a well functioning Gig Performer installation a Windows 7 PC.

Due to other applications no longer being supported under Windows 7, I just needed to upgrade the PC to Windows 10.

Being an IT professional I, usually, have no problems with such upgrades for my numerous customers. Of course, on my own PC, I just got an ‘Install failed’ when trying to upgrade :grinning: I therefore made a fresh installation of Windows 10 on a new SSD, and am in the process of reinstalling applications and moving their data to the new disk.

Question: Where do I need to look in the file system to be sure to transfer to the new disk every little Gig Performer related setting. (I’ve not done anything that’s not default when saving things.)

You can export everything inside Gig Performer itself:

  • Gig Performer Options
  • Rig Manager setup
  • Audio Options

Afterwards, review these file locations: File locations in Gig Performer

… and see if you backed up every file you want to migrate.

If you don’t want to use Gig Performer on that Windows 7 computer, please don’t forget to deactivate your license.

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Thx a lot!

Yeah! I’ll have to deactivate when done. It’s the same computer, just a new disk with Windows 10 and some extra space.

Remember that some major Windows updates (even within Windows 10 for example) may be considered by software to be installed on new machines and require re-activation. It is prudent to deactivate software before doing this type of update.

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Using a new disk, reinstalling windows etc will definitely require reactivation so make sure you deactivate your current activation, then reactivate once you have the new stuff in.