Move Up / Move Down or Song/Part Up / Song/Part Down

I am converting my MainStage setups to GigPerformer and I would ask that you allow multiple controllers to do Move Up and Move Down (Set List Increment / Set List Decrement) , etc. In MainStage, I can map multiple controllers to increment/decrement patch settings. And I currently have two foot switches on my pedal board that are used to navigate my set lists (inc and dec). I also have two buttons on my Novation Launch Control XL which do the same thing. Sometimes when I am playing, I use the foot switches to change patches, sometimes I use the buttons. It really depends upon the sequencing of the song and where my hands and feet are located. Perhaps there is a way to do this with scripting. But regardless, this is a feature that is easy to do in MainStage and makes sense to be there in Gig Performer. Similarly, the Song or Song Part Up/Down settings should also allow multiple controllers to activate them.


This is certainly possible using scripting pretty easily.

If the controllers can be set to send the same MIDI command for each function then it’s simply a case of writing a script with the correct On…Event callback for the MIDI type you are using (note, CC, etc). Then you can use NextSong(), SongPartUp(), etc to make those MIDI commands perform that function.

If all the controllers can be set to send the same MIDI command then the above script would ‘listen’ to the Omni MIDI plugin. If the controllers have to send different commands then I believe you would have to do a short script for each controller MIDI ‘plugin’. But the code for each command you want would be only a few lines so not a big deal.

This script would need to be in each rackspace you use.

Not at my computer currently to give any sample code but hopefully the above makes sense! Check out the GP Script guide in the support section if it’s your first time using GP Script.

Another way to approach this is having a 2nd GP instance which reacts to all of your desired controllers for a specific action (like the foot switch and the button which should be used to move down) by sending the same MIDI message to your main instance. In the main instance you register that specific command for move down.

This gives you the benefit of being able to use the rig manager and also not having to copy/paste scripting code into every rackspace, but you have to set up a MIDI loopback device.

Are you on Mac?
On Mac you can create an Midi-Aggregate Device and use that aggegrated device in the Global Midi Preferences of Gig Performer.