Modern audio plugins without host automation

I’m wondering are there still plugins that do not support host automation.

Are there any examples of modern plugins you stumbled upon that do not support host automation?

A very good (or bad) example is Syntronik from IK Multimedia.
They sound very good and I am using it with no issue, but they have not interest to implement Host Automation - which I cannot understand.

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Syntronik also cannot be controlled via MIDI in plugin format, only in the Syntronik standalone edition, according to this link.

The VST3 format can be controlled by MIDI
Just assign a widget to the MIDI IN and send a CC
Then in Syntronik press learn and move the widget.

But when you move the control in Syntronik, the Widget is not notified - just a 1 way communication.

Installed it, tried the VST version and removed it.
I noticed that preset loading times are large.

OK, but Program Changes are not supported?

Maybe, I have to check

Heptode’s excellent Amplosion guitar amp VST3 plugin has no automation or midi learn.

However, both of Heptode’s guitar pedals have automation and midi learn functions, and they are free of charge ( the purpose of these plugins is to give a taste of real HEPTODE pedals!).
Deep Crunch & Heavy Tone

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My assumption was, if a plugin had presets and if it didn’t support host automation, then it must’ve supported preset switching through PC messages.

It’s fascinating that there are plugins today that do not support either of these mechanisms.

Thanks for your replies :beers: