MixBox from IK-Multimedia on sale!

The FX-plugin MixBox from IK-Multimedia is on sale right now!

If you buy it from IK-Multimedia directly it’s only 79.99€ (but VAT not included!)

If you live in a country where you’d have to pay an additional (like me in Germany 19%), you maybe should buy it at Thomann for 89€ (incl. VAT).


The value for money on this one is insane! 1 GBP per module, and a fantastic range. Thanks for sharing the link.

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Hello to everybody on this nice and very helpful community.
In case you are interested on Audioplugins-Deals website IK MixBox plugin is on sale at € 29,99 (85% discount) until next Tuesday, September 26:

Best regards, Franco