Mistake in the manual or do I not understand

I was giving my first try at a script and was gonna use On WidgetValueChanged, but the example in the manual for using this with multiple widgets doesn’t really make sense to me. Wouldn’t EvenOneMoreWidget have an index of 2 rather than the 1 that it says in the manual in the Widget Events section?

Also, it appears there can be 3 different “names” for a widget and I’m not sure how they are distinguished. One is just the name you typically see on the wiring view. I assume this isn’t really a handle and I shouldn’t use this in the scripting language. The second is what you get when you right click on a widget in the wiring view and select “OSC/GPScript Handle”. Setting this makes it show the {S} on the widget. The third is the “OSC/GPScript Name” that you can fill in on the Advanced tab of the widget properties in panel edit mode. What are you supposed to use in the scripting language and what are the others for?

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Great catch - you’re absolutely right — I’ve corrected that in the document.

Well, in the wiring view, the handle refers to a plugin block, not a widget. But other than that, the terms handle and name are being used interchangeably in the context of references to either OSC or to GPScript. We should probably commit to just one of them (probably handle) but since you’re the first to notice in over four years, I’m not sure we should get too worried :slight_smile:


Ah, the plugin block vs widget makes sense. Thanks!

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