Mirror outputs


I use a Komplete 6 interface for gigging. Is there a way to have outputs 1 & 2 mirrored to outputs 3 & 4 WITHOUT having to connect every single plugin in every song setup to outputs 3 & 4 that I have?

I can’t see a hardware driver option to do that. Don’t see a global option in GigPerformer to do that either.



The easiest way would be to plug the Decks into inputs 1/2 on the front (set the switch the LINE). An then using the Direct Monitoring feature to route the audio from inputs 1/2 directly to the outputs : https://support.native-instruments…nitoring-Feature-work-in-my-KOMPLETE-AUDIO-6-


Just throw a single Gain control in front of the outputs and connect all your plugins to that gain control. Then the gain control outputs can be connected to multiple output ports of your audio interface

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i do this all the time…it’s one of the extremely simple and powerful aspects of GP, so simple it’s easy to overlook!

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thx alot!