Migration, patches and presets

If I create a gig file for a plugin, and then copy that gig file to another machine with the same plugin, but not the preset, will the preset’s configuration go along with it?

Or do I have to copy all the presets across with the gig file?

Depends on the VST.

In something like Pianoteq you need to purchase different piano models separately. So if you don’t own the Bosendorfer model then any preset that uses the Bosendorfer model isn’t going to sound right. Obviously if you’re using Kontakt you’d have to own the sample libraries.

In other VSTs you can re-create any patch without having to unlock/install separate content. What VSTs do you have in mind?

You do not need to copy the presets as the plugin state is stored within the gig file.

@pianopaul Oh, thanks Paul.
I thought that would probably be the case, but I wasn’t entirely sure.

@Vindes Primarily, it’s the Arturia V collection, although it also includes Kontakt and a bunch of effects.
As I said, I have mirrored all the necessary plugins and samples required, but it was simply about the knob/switch configuration even if they are not present on the rackspace panel.

The reason for me asking is I am programming new sounds at home for our keyboard player 100 miles away, and Arturia presets are a total pain in the butt to import/export, so If I can simply send over complete gig files with new patch updates, it would save a lot of pain.

Please, let us know if it works like you want.

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Yes, for what you’re describing it should work fine. As pianopaul stated, the Gig file will contain all the plugin state information.

If the VST is doing everything correctly, the person receiving the Gig file would be able to open it, then open the VST and see the patch name as you named it on your system. They could then save that patch from within the VST if they were inclined.

The exception I was noting earlier was the (perhaps obvious) point that you can’t use a Gig file to effectively give somebody else access to content they don’t already own. e.g., the Gig file doesn’t contain the Kontakt samples, and it’s won’t allow somebody to use a Pianoteq model they don’t own (even though all the models are there in the Pianoteq VST).

@vindes It works much the same as Arturia Analog Lab, it allows you to play the presets, but not edit them unless you have the full plugin for that particular instrument.