Midi voice allocation, possible within GP?

Hello again,

what i need to do:
i play my master keyboard ( sent to PC by midi) and want that each played note would go to a different VST instrument within GP.
Afaik, this functionality is called “voice allocation”, right ?

i understand that there are hardware devices which should be able to do this.
the iConnectivity MIO devices for example ( afaik)
( it is planned to get me the iConnectivity MIO XM sooner or later anyway, but its planned to use it elsewhere and NOT on my masterkeyboard, …thus my query here…so i can make my plans)

the question for me is:
can i achive this voice allocation functionality just within GP ? ( without scripting)
or do i have to rely on some hardware, connected between my masterkeyboard and my PC ?

Should be possible, I try to post an example

Wouldn’t this just be to use the Keyboard Split options in the midi in block - with Min and Max set to the one note? And add a midi in block for each note.

EDIT: or if it’s only to split the currently played notes, then the free piz Mid plugin “midiPolophony” will automatically re-map active notes to different channels. But I’m probably misunderstanding the requirement :wink:

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Yes as I understood each played not should go to a different midi channel.
"Midi Divisi“

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Voice allocation more detailed here:
voice allocation

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yep! MIDIHUB from Blokas https://blokas.io/midihub/
it has a Pipe called Dispatcher (A modifier pipe that upon receiving a note message dispatches it to different channels, rotating and keeping track of empty slots.)

To my knowledge I dont think it can do this (just filtering, merging, routing)

This will do the trick :wink:

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I think this is what the pizMidi plugin is attempting to achieve, as it will map the active notes to separate channels (where the number of voices is set by the difference between the low and high channel setting) and also has a ‘Note Priority’ parameter to choose if you want to ‘Steal Latest’, ‘Steal Oldest’, ‘High’, ‘Low’ etc.


i just downloaded it, and have thrown the .vst into my vst folder,
but nothing appears in GP in the plugin open dialog ( GP is scanning for new plugins at startup)

so, i´ve not tested it so far, but it looks good from paper.

its not what i would buy the MIO device for, but its important to know this.
will have to check. Thanks

i´m aware of the blokas and had a look.
but i´d want to have usb AND midi connections if i get some midi hardware

is this this one ?

its a bit costly, but looks like something pro.
need to check

Did you get the proper (64bit) version ?
It works fine for me on windows.

There is a comment in the pizmidi.ini file :
“; The host name is the one reported by the host via getHostProductString(). ; If the host reports nothing, put “host=unknown”.”).

Did you get the download from here? First in the list:

I don’t recall doing anything special, just let the installer do its thing. Note that the manufacturer will be listed as ‘Insert Piz Here’

i downloaded it again, the most upper one since i´m on mac.
i will try again. thanks.

i don´t understand this.

i´m not on my music PC. I have to ckeck that all later

Sorry, I thought you were on Windows and in addition these lines in the .ini file are intended only for customizing loading options in the host.


I would strongly suggest you look at Bome MIDI Translator Pro. It can practically do anything with MIDI. Full disclosure (I am not affiliated in any way with the product). You can create virtual MIDI ports, each with up to 16 channels. You can then route each key to a its own port/channel position.

It’s not free, but it’s rather amazing. I’d suggest you check out their forum as well. The moderator answers questions quickly and knows the product inside and out. In my opinion, it is to MIDI what Gig Performer is to internal routing and performance.


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interesting ! and reasonable priced.
Thanks Graham.

do you by coinsidence have an Idea of how much latency that would involve to use Bome ?
( trying, to avoid to register to just that next page/forum what not)

Given that MIDI was traditionally sent at 31.5Kbits over a serial line and this stuff is happening directly in the computer, I would say that you have nothing to worry about! Sending MIDI from one application to another is a pretty standard thing to do, and the reason virtual ports are available

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Great, i will have a look.
i just downloaded the demo.

Thanks djh,

I could only have given my own feeling (not noticeable). I have learned something as well!

Hey Funky,

At first you may find the program difficult to navigate. There is a manual, several YouTube videos and as I said earlier, the moderator is very knowledgeable and helpful. Much the same as dhj and the guys here.

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