"MIDI Thru" block


For those of us not using external MIDI controllers but using something like JamOrigin MIDI Guitar, a
“MIDI Thru” block (Maybe not the correct term) would be awesome.
Like the MIDI In block with all of its functionality, but with a MIDI In connection too so it may be chained after MG2.

It would be cool if it would pass the MIDI Panic data too.

At the moment I have MIDI Polysher from eaReckon, but it has less control than the GP MIDI In blocks.

I hope this is an easily achievable request!


Hi there,

the are several benefits of running MIDI Guitar standalone on a Mac.

  • It provides you with a virtual port which looks like a MIDI device. You just drop a MIDI In block for it and there you go - you have the exact functionality that you need.
  • It runs in a separate process which typically provides better performance.

Make sure you use the same sample rate in GP and MIDI Guitar settings. …

Hi Djogon,
Interesting! Imagined MG would be more efficient as a plugin.
Still, I have some Chapman Stick patches that use one MG2 for the bass side (higher range Polyphonic) another MG2 on the melody side and a MIDI Bass (sadly monophonic) on the bass side for the lowest notes MG2 can’t track, which would not be possible standalone. Also using as a plugin allows me to tailor the sensitivity to the song, which is useful for bass performance pitch tracking.

I suppose I could also feed the MG2 to a MIDI IAC out block, then use an IAC In block to feed the synths, but it seems a bit daft!


We will most likely support midi thru in a future version. In the meantime, if you use IAC ports, make sure you don’t use Midi In OMNI blocks in your gig file.

Midi Through support?
Just connect a dummy midi in with the desired midi out does the same?

I think the point is to be able to leverage the functionality of a MidiIn Block. Did I miss something?

That’s what I understood too. @Ali_B used quotes for ‘MIDI thru’, I think it would be more a kind of MIDI block with an internal input than a MIDI thru.

David-san and dhj - exactly this! But “more a kind of MIDI block with an internal input than a MIDI thru” isn’t a snappy headline, even though the wording pleases me greatly.

Once again though, a visit to the forum is making me rethink habits and assumptions :slight_smile:
I appreciate everybody’s input


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