Midi question

First I want to say THANK YOU to all who have been very kind, patient with me!!

I found a evolution uc-33 controller in my studio last night under a bunch of stuff. I did plug it in and GP pick it up and it’s working great!

I’m going to be using a motif XF 7 for a fly date and it will be plugged into my SSL 2+. The uc 33 will be plugged in USB midi. Would I want to use 2 midi blocks to separate the midi input signals so the XF 7 doesn’t accidentally trigger something?

And I have learn about Rig Manager. I did all of the routing on my studio machine. Can I save the scene and have all of that transfer to my laptop or will I have to do that all over again?

Thanks again for your help


Don’t confuse MIDI In blocks with MIDI devices. The latter are your physical MIDI ports but you can have multiple MIDI In blocks tied to the same device - that’s how you handle splits and layering for example.

But yes, you should use device specific MIDI In blocks if you have multiple controllers - don’t use the MIDI OMNI block.


I neither know what you mean by “scene” in the GP context, nor what you would be supposed to do again and again, but if you USE Rig Manager and don’t use MIDI Omni blocks, your are on the safe side. :wink:

Sorry David, what I was trying to say is, if I create a rig in rig manager in one computer and save it to a flash drive. Can I load it into another computer (with all the same plugins and programs) and have everything line up the same way as the first computer? I am working on getting the midi blocks to not be omni but specific (not a problem).

Rig Manager has nothing to do with plugins.
You can export a rig and import it on another computer.
But for sure you have to assign the physical Midi device to the MIDI Device Aliases.

Hey Paul, I guess the real question I’m trying find out is, would I have to reassign everything even if everything I’m using is exactly the same, I’m talking hardware. For example, my uc 33 in the picture. If I transfer the rig from rig manager, would it remember all my assignments? I think I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be.

When using Rig Manager you have just to associate the current MIDI device to the MIDI Device alias.
That’s all

I create and practice on one set up at home, then take my gig file on a disk to the rehearsal room where I have a dedicated ‘Live’ setup (PC with same plugins, Keyboards etc) but is different hardware to my home space. If you’re using Rig Manager (and have created and used Midi Aliases in your rackspaces) this is trivial, and there’s absolutely no need to re-create the gig file or panels etc on another PC. Just open the gig file and make sure your have physical controllers are mapped to your virtual devices in Rig Manager :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!!!