Midi out Block Bypass

MONTAGE PC.rackspace (59.4 KB)

I was experimenting with PC changes in the rackspace with sliders (CC0, CC32 en PC)
This works fine.

I also created a on/off button to bypass the midi out block.
This doesn’t work, the widgets keep sending out PC/CC.

Is this supposed to happen? And if Yes: what is the workflow to bypass these widgets?

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Schermafbeelding 2021-06-07 om 13.44.09

In general, the Bypass mechanism only stops incoming MIDI messages to the MIDI Out block from being sent out. It does not disable controlling the plugin via parameters

Ok. Thanx for the reply

Sure – we actually had to think about this one for a bit — wondered for a moment whether Bypass should apply to parameter changes but we decided that Bypass should really only apply to incoming events.

One way around this issue would be to use a script or even a scriptlet (if you have GP4) to control whether events should be sent to the MIDI Out block