MIDI Note Offset

I have various midi gear (Controllers, Keyboard, and so on). When I press the midi learn on GP and press the midi gear to learn the midi key, there is a offset learned. For example a midi controller has a pad button with the Note C1 internally configured. When I press the midi learn, it learn C0 Note. This offset behavior occurred with each of my midi gear.

Thanks for your help

Deviating from the system widely used in classical music theory, computer programs and hardware developers sometimes designate the contra C (,C) as the first C available on the keyboard as “C1” and continue counting upward from there accordingly - sometimes downward, so that the lowest C perceivable by the human ear at 16.35 Hz appears as “C0,” and the indented (c′) as “C4”.

Unfortunately, every manufacturer does this the way they want. This is a known problem.

As long as the results are okay, it’s best to ignore this behavior.

Hope this helps.


Yep…Roland vs Yamaha, I believe😀

As long as the actual note numbers are learned correctly, you should be fine.

We use C3 to represent MIDI note number 60

Ok. Thank you so much for the info.