MIDI not sending from mapped devices on local change

Hi! I’m on 4.5.8 PA version and when I move a MIDI mapped knob on a panel device with my mouse, it’s not updating my mapped controller and I don’t see anything showing on MIDI Monitor. Switching ports doesn’t seem to help. Any reason why this may be the case? The knob moves fine in GP when I move it on my MIDI controller.

Please upload a small gig file showcasing the issue.

Here you go. Check the Room EQ Makeup gain knob. It’s mapped to an RTP MIDI port on the computer if that makes any difference.

PA12 Routing.gig (364.0 KB)

Hmm, here’s a screen shot for clarity. It’s the knob all the way to the right.

Sorry…the screenshot was taken on my computer and I’m trying to diagnose a friend’s system. Here’s an actual shot from his computer with the param mapped (i don’t have that plugin on my computer either)

Are you talking about midi feedback back to your physical controller? e.g. to update a LED ring or a motorised fader?

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Yes that’s correct

On the MIDI tab the widget properties, the ‘Sync’ button needs to be selected, as this is what sends the learned CC back to the controller when you move the widget manually, or via a variation change.

Ahh thank you!