Midi Mode S88

You can use midi mode and GP can do what kore couldn’t do by itself…new engines per performance/song

Im saying that GP is like the conductor; Kore is a long way short in so many ways but what it is good at is modulating multiple sounds etc into a much more sophisticated sound engine that GP can manage without a lot of work or at all because GP is simply not that.

By using external devices like this, you conserve your investment of time eg you have a portable instrument you can plug in anywhere. Kore is still very stable and seems to work without issue imvho.

Using it this way lets (me at least) concentrate on what GP does best without getting bogged down in what it cant do.

I treat GP as a nice assembly package but dont get to intimate with modulation…

Kore and GP are very much complimentary: Using each tool for its strengths is the main issue I think

Then S88 can really come into its own

EDIT: A bit of a rewrite, sorry, I type way too quick and miss the details for others.

Is Kore still supported? I thought it was discontinued some years ago.


It is not supported anymore

It was!
I bought another kore (because the controllers are pretty incredible for other uses) a couple of months ago for 50 euro, they still transfer license at no cost and dl still all there and fine on w10
Mac is prob like all other software with version compatibility so forget it on a mac
I cant recall any crashes using it in the last number of months either
I guess its a bit like the last production model of a car…its all fixed
Ive used it for over 10 years…and would love to hear of anything close