Midi messages heard in audio as glitches, related to the use of 2 audio interfaces?

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Hi there !
With my E-wind instrument, I can hear midi messages in audio as glitches.
I think it’s not a problem of RAM (2.5Go used with OS over 8Go) as I use only synth plugin, no sample plugin; nor is it a problem of CPU (with 2.9ms of latency, it never goes over 40%).
I’ve an exemple to make you listen:

(During this short example, I was moving an expression pedal)

I think it could come from the fact that in rehearsal, I use the same computer to produce my sounds with my first audio interface (MOTU audio express) and to record the whole rehearsal session (14 tracks) with another audio interface (MACKIE DL16) with my DAW (Bitwig Studio)

It should no happen during performances but I would like to have the point of view of the community on this point. Is it possible to connect 2 sounds cards and not having trouble? Could these glitches be related to that?

Thanks !

How looks the CPU usage in Gig Performer while you hear glitches.

2 sound cards can be used when you define an aggregated device.

Not especially higher

I don’t know what is an aggregated device but I use the first sound card with Gig Performer and the second with my DAW, et that, simultaneously.

What happens when you only use the sound card for Gig Performer and disable the other one? Do you still hear the noise when moving the expression pedal?

I’m not sure because it doesn’t happen every time I use the expression pedal. My e-wind controller send continuously thousands of CC message because it has a giro meter :

I know that sometimes these kind of cc message could trigger the glitches because I hear them while I’m send a lot of cc message (while I move a lot)

Thanks @pianopaul for this information but I’m under Windows 10. :wink:

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Audio glitches - sending too much MIDI?

can you test with a different plugin?

Ok, it happens equally with the plugin Respiro and with a Mini Moog from Arturia

So this amount of received MIDI messages is way too high

How looks the global midi monitor window when cc messages are received?

Does this only happen if you are using two audio interfaces?

I’ve noticed that yes but I 'm not 100% sure…

I’ve a performance in 3 weeks and I’ve decided to change my first sound Card, the MOTU, I’ll take a RME fireplace UC or UCX. I hope it can solve the problem

I’m wondering whether the problem has something to do with word clock sync