MIDI LFOs, Sequencers, and Other Controllers

Hi everyone! First time posting here.

One thing I love doing in Ableton is attaching things like LFOs and sequencers to parameters within plugins. It’s a great way to find new sounds, and you can do a lot of fun things like assigning a momentary switch to fire off rapid sequences or modulations that aren’t available natively within a plugin. I’d love to see these kinds of controllers implemented in GigPerformer.

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Thanks for your suggestion. This is on our list but no idea when it might happen.

  1. It is possible to do some of these things using the function generators in GP Script, albeit it’s not trivial to set it up
  2. Plugins like Midi Shaper from Cableguys can be used to create such modulations
  3. Quite a few of our users actually use Ableton Live and Gig Performer together to allow Live to trigger stuff in Gig Performer and that’s one of the reasons we support Ableton Link.

Because the above (particularly 2 and 3) are easy to do, adding our own implementation has (so far) seemed less important than other functionality we have or are adding that nobody else is doing.

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Thanks for the reply. I just tried setting up Ableton Link to send modulation commands to plugin parameters in GP and it worked great! I also played around with MIDI Shaper, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve got MIDI Shaper connected to a IAC bus out with Learn set to a CC value. Then I assigned a knob widget to a plugin parameter, and clicked the learn button in the MIDI tab. It seemed to respond to that, but the parameter only modulates a short range and does not respond to the LFO rate set in MIDI shaper. I have the wave source assigned to appropriate CC, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Are there any setup instructions or tips available somewhere? Thanks again!

Another tool which could help you:

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And the good old pizmidi :wink:

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MCC Generator worked perfectly! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Sorry I just asked the same, duplicate. Didn’t see this before.

You can take a look here how to use GP Script for an automatic fade out:

Create a volume ramp up and fade out