Midi Learn for Program Change assignment

In Setlist/Song view, when assigning Midi Program Changes to Song Parts, there is no MidiLearn available. It would be great for convenience. Thank you.

Are you talking about that ?

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yes exactly, or maybe learn is there and I am too blind to find shit in front of my eyes (my wife always tells me when I search my stuff)

No learn is not implemented.
But I think learn is useful when you want to learn a message you do not know.
In this case it is clear that only PC / Bank messages are accepted.
So I do not think that such a midi learn feature will be implemented anytime soon.

I know that it’s ProgramChange, but I don’t know the number when I am in Setlist mode on my midi controller, I only see song numbers and names …

Of course I can use a midi Monitor. I was just thinking others might have looked for the same …