MIDI input issues

I just successfully migrated GP over to my new Macbook Air. Reauthorizing all my existing VSTs with only IK Product Manager requiring me to download Rosetta. Everything seems to be working as expected to a point-I’m encountering an issue that’s confounding me. I have a number of rack spaces which contain Pianoteq and B3-X. The B3-X is being controlled by a Nord Stage 3 MIDI In block and Pianoteq by an Arturia Keylab 88mkII MIDI in block. Now, when I open any of these rack spaces that have this configuration and I play the Nord, B3-X is playing two notes simultaneously-the note I play on the keyboard and one that’s a half step directly below it. Also, When I play a note on my Keylab, it’s triggering the note as expected in Pianoteq as well as one note a half step lower in B3-X, even though the Keylab MIDI In block is connected only to Pianoteq. Both MIDI In blocks transpose is set to 0. Any idea as to what’s going on here and what should I look into next to figure out what’s happening here?

What messages can you see in the global midi monitor window?

Can you upload such a problematic rackspace?

Layla.rackspace (598.9 KB)

how looks your global rackspace?
and how looks your global midi monitor when you play notes?

Here’s a screenshot of play C3 on the Nord, followed by C3 on the


The notes following CC64 were C3 on the Keylab…

what happens when you disconnect keylab?

As one would expect, the Keylab isn’t transmitting anything. The Nord is still sending out two MIDI notes on

So this is an issue of the Nord.
to doublecheck, can you test with logic?

I downloaded the app MIDI Monitor and the Nord was still sending out two MIDI note ons. I went into the Extern mode of the Nord and when I went to the MIDI channel page and simply selected Panel B, which was already set to Off, the issue disappeared. I went into every program that I used in the Nord with GP and did this, it all went back to normal. I saved the programs and now all is good. Extremely strange Nord behavior. Not a clue why this happened…

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Now all fine?

I think I finally figured it out. I had a performance last Saturday in which we opened up for a touring Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band. The keyboard player used my gear and transposed the Nord down a half step for his show. I know he was using the Extern mode, but I still had to go into each program he used and turn off transposition, but the issue was happening on the programs on the Nord I set up for GP too that weren’t transposed.I’m still not quite clear why I had to not only turn transpose off for each program, but also go into the program’s extern mode and go to panel B and then exit it. Perhaps someone who owns a Stage 3 can explain this to me as if I were a 4th grader…:slight_smile:
Thanks for all your help PP!

I stopped reading right there! :slight_smile:

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Yup. Just had my Nord and Arturia that night.

It’s the “letting somebody else go near it” that’s the killer :slight_smile:

I’ve known the guy as we’ve worked many times together when his tour comes through the area. This is the first time that this happened.

It is allways the first time

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