Midi input connection not present in the Mixbox plugin

I bought Mixbox from Ik Multimedia and the problem with this plugin is that there is no midi connection in input.
Unfortunately, the lack of the midi connection greatly limits the performance as it is not possible to drive in particular the tremolo and leslie parameters in realtime.
Advance that using Cubase, you can record and play midi events.

The problem is present both in the VST2 and VST3 version as per attached image.

I thank in advance who can give me a hand.


If it doesn’t expose a midi port, then it does not support midi. Are you sure that Cubase is controlling it with MIDI? Although I don’t know anything about that plugin I would bet that it is being controlled via host automation in which case you will be able to do the same thing by attaching widgets to its parameters.

Hi Dhj, I confirm that both writing and reading of midi parameters works on Cubase.
With Gig performer I couldn’t find a way from the widget to drive the mixbox.
I am attaching screenshots showing the writing on automation cubase.

I just downloaded it to try it. As I suspected, when you create a insert a preset, the parameters for that preset show up in mapping and you assign a widget to any parameter you want.
You can then drive that widget from a controller (say)

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Sorry DHJ, I just tried again and now the widget is piloted via midi.
Thanks for the support

I can’t tell from your response whether you’re indicating that it now works or that it still doesn’t work.

Now it’s working,
Thank you

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Just to be clear for others……these are host automation parameters, not MIDI parameters.

Cubase is allowing you to associate incoming MIDI messages with host parameters. Gig Performer uses widgets for the same purpose and gives you a lot more flexibility.


Thanks for the clarification dhj