MIDI input blocks have changed

I opened up a .gig today and discovered that in all of the rackspaces where I had a specific MIDI input block, have now all changed to one named MIDI In. It’s the not the MIDI In OMNI either. I’m totally confused by what happened. Nothing has changed in my setup, only the fact that it has occurred when I opened the file up today. Yesterday the MIDI input block read MIDI In Keylab mkII 88. I reset the MIDI In blocks on all the rack spaces, saved it, closed and then restarted GP and everything is back to normal. Any idea as to why this happened?

Did you open your Gig File without your Keylab connected or powered on?

Do you have your keyboard setup in Rig Manager?

Yup, that’s what I did. Opened up GP before turning on my Keylab:(

I’d recommend you set up your Keylab in Rig Manager, espechally before you start making a lot of widgets. This will allow you to reassign the alias to another keyboard, or to the same keyboard if it ever get’s its connection confiused without having to go into every midi in block and changing the keyboard assignment.

Might take you 30 minutes to set that up, a bit more to change your midi-in blocks to the aliased keyboard but then you will not have this issue again.