Midi in assignments


I use GP with two keyboards, MOXF8 and DSI Rev2. Each is assigned as Midi in, controlling plugins, or routed back to themselves via midi out.

Each time i pack my gear and hook it up again in the rehersal, GP seem to have forgotten the
assignments between midi in in GP and the keyboards. Resulting either in no sound, or in MOXF playing plugins that REV2 was supposed to play.

How can i get this more solid? It is a bummer to need to er-assign while rest of band keeps barrering on…

I run PC and Windows 10


Are you using Rig Manager?

What happens when you shutdown all your gear and start again, do you face the same issue?

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Don’t know if you’re using laptop or (rackmounted) desktop (and also not sure if this difference would matter), but I’ve noticed the same when incidentally plugging the usb-cables in different ports than on what I made the initial settings. This leads to mis-connections.
So, I’ve got every usb-plug set into the same port always, and that saves me a lot of time re-programming. You could check that out.

Otherwise, the rig-manager @pianopaul stated is a solid function!

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It is probably that for some reason the MIDI port name changed. Did you check this?

Anyway, as stated by @pianopaul, using RIG manager would definitely help with this kind of issue.

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Hi, yes, sometimes the same thing happens in such cases. I have not tried rig manager but will try it out.

I have laptop, an i make sure to plug the synths into the same respektive usb port every time.

This is something that can i strongly recommend too!
Sure, it’s some effort to put into the first setup configuration, but after you have done this, live will be much, much easier when it comes to re-configuring your MIDI-setup, for whatever reason it might be (another controller, another interface, Windows forgetting things again…).
Do it! :wink:

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Thank you all for advise. Rig manager solved my problems and I made my first live gig with GP this weekend :blush::pray:t2: