Midi File Player!

My absolute highest priority request would be a MIDI file player to accompany the audio file player.
Traditional MIDI files are low bandwidth, but powerful. With MIDI 2.0 on the way, the possibilities for performance synchronization are amazing.

To begin with, just being able to play single channel, original format MIDI files, from within Gig Performer, without a separate VST hosting app, would be great!


Welcome to the community @deepcgi.

This has been on everyone’s wish list. I’m sure we’ll see it soon.

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I would like to see more than just a midi file player…I’d like to see a GIG-file player! This would be the ability to playback a complete recording made in GP–the audio .wav file and the midi file combined for that session. You load up a saved gig, then load up the “my-session.gigrec” file (short for gig recording), which includes the saved audio and midi data. Then you have a new recorder interface with a start and stop, and that’s your playback of your set, so others can hear the recordings you’ve made exactly as you hear them as you play.

Hi, I’ve been a user of GP for about a year now, using it for my basement setup consisting of 3 keyboards, a midi pedal interface and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 with several mics. I’ve found this to be the ideal “playing around” SW for me, beating MainStage or just setting up everything in your DAW (though that’s good for recording). Having a .gigrec file player would really expand the capabilities of this software!