MIDI File Player - Style File processing feature

New Feature - Ability to play and handle MIDI Style Files.

MIDI Style Files - are files that are supported by Arranger Workstations such as the Yamaha Tyros or Genos, Ketron SD-90, Roland BK-7M, Korg Pa4X-61, etc. These files are like MIDI files but they have additional properties such that they may be modified in real time by such events as you playing chord changes.

For example: think of a style file as a MIDI file that could play a riff for you and loop that riff over and over. Now, when you play a different chord, the riff changes chords with you. You cannot do this with the current GP4 MIDI Player because it plays MIDI tracks without change of any kind.

So, in order to implement this feature, I am asking for the GP4 MIDI Player to be enhanced. This is no small feat, to say the least, but if offered - it would eliminate or supplant the need for external hardware to accomplish this.

I open this for discussion, plz →

There should be a VST as plugin available.
Maybe something like this

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Yes, thanks I saw this … however, it is $349E. I know some friends who have this and say it is OK but doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of the Ketron SD-90 for example. I think they are saying this because the SD-90 has really good instrument samples. However, the SD-90 samples don’t come close to the sounds you can get by using plugins like Addictive Drums II, Keyscape, Broadway big Band, Ample Sound, etc. etc. within Gig Performer.

I have sent an email to the “Soft Arranger” people asking them if their product works as a VSTI … which would be perfect as a plugin within GP. At the moment “Soft Arranger” is in beta and currently requires quite a convoluted method to make it work within Reaper for example. So, I am waiting for their response.

BTW, “Soft Arranger” is free. :slight_smile:

So is it your thought that we should implement functionality that would otherwise cost over 300 and include it for free in Gig Performer?:face_with_monocle:

LOL! Why not … GP4 does 10X what Varranger2 does and it only costs $169! It’s kind of like Tesla: once people understand the concept of an electric going 520 miles on a single charge, Tesla can charge anything they want for their Plaid+ product.

You have an incredible product for the music industry and people are only beginning to see its power :slight_smile:

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This “Software Arranger” can be controller using MIDI controller and seem to produce MIDI messages, so you could fully control it using GP and direct the MIDI note messages within GP to feed your plugin instruments…

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This would be wonderful and I will try it as the “Soft Arranger” people gave me a password to download and try the beta version. Can you give me an idea of what the GP Rackspace would look like?

How should I do that as I don’t know this “Software Arranger”? If you try it and decide to use it, give us a feedback of your own experience.

I will provide feedback of course. However, at this point I am a little confused:

  1. I don’t think “Software Arranger” is a VSTI and therefore I don’t think GP will recognize it as a plugin block.

  2. If “Software Arranger” functions externally to GP, then how would I get its MIDI information into GP?

In either case, I will download it and give it a try today.

BTW, I have already asked them the question “How can I make it work with GP?” … and I am waiting for their response.

On a Mac you would use IAC ports - On Windows you would install third party virtual MIDI port driver

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For my understanding: if you have a 1 or 2 bar pattern/riff, you just want that to constantly loop (e.g. while a note/chord is held) and then be transposed to follow the root of whatever chord you’re playing?

I did just that, just now :slight_smile: It’s called ’ LoopMIDI by Tobias Erichsen". I just created a virtual MIDI input port and Voila - GP recognizes it.

Now to download SoftArranger and get it to send MIDI to LoopMIDI


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Voila - Success!

1) I have LoopMidi working fine as a virtual MIDI input. It worked right away with
     GP without any difficulty at all ... which made me very happy :)

2) I downloaded SoftArranger and several of its styles. I have it working and
     sending MIDI Data on several channels to GP via LoopMIDI and this works

3) I have constructed a basic Rackspace which accepts MIDI from several
     SoftArranger MIDI channels and sends parts of the selected style to
     different plugins appropriate for the style-part. This is how it should work,

4) I have included a pic of the basic setup. For me this Rackspace will
     probably be incorporated into my Global Rackspace when I want to
     play styles.

5) I haven't figured out yet how to get my MIDI controller to send MIDI
     to SoftArranger,, but I will.

6) I wish SoftArranger was a VSTI so I can make widgets to do everything.
    Oh well, maybe I can convince them to do just that. :)

Conceptually, this setup will suffice as a “Virtual Arranger Workstation within GP”.
At the moment, SoftArranger has many bugs … but hey, it’s in beta and now
that I have more or less committed myself - I guess I will be their main beta tester.

Here is the link to LoopMIDI incase you want to try it:

Read ahead in this thread a little bit. I think we have the start of a neat solution. :slight_smile:

vArranger is not a VST - its an arranger keyboard software look alike that can use VSTs as sound source - but in itself its just a windows program that runs stand alone.

Yes, and it’s the “stand alone” part that I don’t like. SoftArranger on the other hand feeds MIDI into LoopMidi and LoopMidi feeds the data directly into GP4. From that point, I can do anything I want in my Rackspace.

SoftArranger is in its primitive stages. If I can talk them into making it a VSTI, then the interface could be seemles within GP and we could assign widgets and do all kinds of cool things.

Ths Arranger Workstation Market is huge and really needs to be part of the GP world.

An Arranger is a product of its own.

I know nothing about it - but I did find this with a google serarch and it claims to be a VST:-

I mistakingly bought vArranger about 7 years ago as I thought it would be a replacement for a hardware arranger keyboard or module - and almost immediately regretted it. Its overpriced, the style part is good, but the way it works is very clunky in my opinion.

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In todays’ world, the most important v-arranger feature is its ability to accept Yamaha Tyros and Genos styles, Ketron SD-90 styles, and Korg styles etc. It doesn’t appear that Collisto can do this. However, just for fun since it is a 64bit VSTI I will play with it a bit and let the group know my review.


This will perhaps be the case for a longer time, who knows…

If you really want, you can write a Scriptlet to bridge it as a VST, while you control it using MIDI. :nerd_face:
It is only partially a joke as I am currently doing something similar to integrate my Numa Organ in a Rackspace as a Scriptet to control it using the host automation of the Scriptlet. :wink: