Midi controller that sends changing values

Hi guy’s,

I have a stupid and curios question. I would like to use my Nord stage 3 as masterkey and controller. It has so many and wonderful controllers on board:)

The problem is: many buttons are sending changing values because they select some point from a menu in the normal use.

Press one time cc8 value 0
Press second time cc8 value 22
Press third time cc8 value 44

And so on until value 127, than from the beginning. It’s not possible to change that in the stage.

Is there an easy way to use it in Gig performer for on off!? I think with a script it’s relativ easy to change this values to specific ones, but perhaps there is an easier solution than scripting.

I hope you understand the question :slight_smile: I’m not the best questioner writer and it’s not a language problem. It’s the same in German with me :sweat_smile:

With a GPScript it is easy, but without you could use a curve which would alternate between 0 and 1 at each value change.

Very funny… it’s 00:48 AM and the baby gets his bottle of milk and I thought: what a stupid question. You have to delete it.

You can use the value curve for it :sweat_smile::face_with_peeking_eye:

There are no stupid questions in this community forum :wink:

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