MIDI controller disconnects for no apparent reason

Strange one, since upgrading to the latest version of GigPerformer, I’ve noticed that my Arturia KeyLab 61mkII disconnects occasionally - I don’t think it’s a GigPerformer issue, but has anyone else experienced this?

I’m not using MIDI alias and powering off the controller for a few seconds and powering on seems to resolve it, so not the end of the world, but it has dropped out mid-song. I’m heading across to Arturia to raise it there, too.

Cable is fine and happens with more than one cable. I’ve tried a different USB port, too (loose connections and all that). There’s no CPU hike, nor disk (using SSD). If anyone has any ideas, that would be helpful!

Have you read this guide for audio-performance optimizing a PC?
There are lots of things you can/should improve…
(Especially the chapter for power settings of the USB devices)



Something changed on your system if everything worked fine before. Updating GP would definitely not have anything to do with this as this is a system function and GP only sees what the system provides.

If you didn’t update any drivers directly related to your keyboard - maybe you updated your Windows system and there’s now something interfering.

Other than that - the usual suspects like the cables, USB ports etc are the prime suspects. Sometimes changing the port does not really change much - try using a different hub if you use one.

Also see if the port into your keyboard is somewhat lose … If you have a different computer - try that - that should tell you if the keyboard/cable is at fault or your computer.

Yes I’ve got that and been through it all. Very good and recommended!


I agree it’s not a GP issue - definitely system-related. I’ve checked cables and connectors and they’re all fine. I don’t use a hub (another point of failure), so very odd.
Just wondering if it’s one of Microsoft’s lovely ‘patch Tuesday’ fallouts… it wouldn’t be the first time! I’ll do some more digging.
Thanks for the advice.

Have you tried to use a separate power supply for the keyboard?

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I had an USB cable issue during months with my audio interface. In order to reduce the cable salad of my rig I bought several shorter brand new cables and forgot about it when I started to have trouble. After months I came back to the original USB cable which is still a bit too long but works flawlessly. Conclusion, really take care and be sure your USB cables work well. (e.g. be very suspicious and do “crossed” replacements)


Good point - I’ll give that a go.

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