Midi controller causing lyrics window to scroll

I came across a pretty annoying bug. I have a foot midi controller to step through variations and song parts. When the lyrics window is open (and if the lyrics are longer than what can be displayed) and I have scrolled down and switch to another song part with the midi controller, the lyrics window jumps up to the top of the page. Every time I step on the controller and am not at the top of the lyrics page, it will jump up to the top. Needless to say this is a nasty behavior in the middle of a gig.

I had tried changing things in the global midi settings. Checked/unchecked “variation switching only”, changing the channel for move up/down etc. Nothing helps. Any ideas what could be causing the lyrics window to jump from midi song part and variation switching?

PS: The midi controller is an IK multimedia “stealth pedal”.

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So I never noticed this, but even manually switching to different song parts, if scrolled down, also causes the lyrics window to jump to the top. So I guess it has nothing to do with the midi controller, its a song part switching issue. This can’t be by design right? Why would anyone want the chords/lyrics display to automatically jump to the top in the middle of a song just b/c switching song parts?

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I can confirm this issue occurring (in the Windows version, at least). I don’t use the chord/lyrics function, so I never noticed.
Definitely something to be logged and fixed though.


Thanks for confirming and creating that video!!! :+1:t2: That is exactly the behavior I’m talking about.

On Mac I can confirm with 3.8.1

Thanks for reporting this.

FWIW: In my Windows 10 Pro this doesn’t happen. The Lyrics page stays put.

I can confirm this in Windows 10, with 3.8.1.

At least 3 of us are reporting this on windows. This only happens when you have more text than can be displayed on one page and you are scrolled down. Are you scrolled down when switching song parts?

You’re right…I wasn’t scrolled down enough. I can confirm in GP 3.8.1 in Windows 10 Pro.

This has been confirmed - we took note of it - no need to reconfirm again. Thank you all!