Midi Connect Issue JamKey 49 Solved


I have a Jam Key 49 keyboard (has 2 keyboards in one unit) I am unable to Transmit to plugs on upper keyboard. I am able to do this with Vienna Ensemble Pro. Can you think of anything to check as to why? ( I transmit usb to ch 1234 on bottom keyboard and 5,6,7,8 on top.
I am using on Mac Laptop and in case you aren’t familiar with the keyboard here is a video of me using it

Thanks for any ideas!!!

(Edit: great video but had to remove it as it was autoplaying and preventing the question from being properly viewed)


Does the little green midi indicator (top far right of the Gp main window) flash when you play that keyboard? Open the global MIDI monitor and see if Gig Performer is indicating receipt of message


Yes it does but no sound out.


What do you see in the global midi monitor?

I suspect GP is working fine but you’re sending your midi events on midi channels that the plugin to which you’re sending them doesn’t respond


Check the Rig Manager’s input devices. If it’s loaded with a different rig than what you’re connected to, then the MIDI indicator will flash, but nothing will get through to the Rackspace.
I just had the same thing happen, and discovered that I forgot to import the correct Rig Mgr setup file.


Yes, that’s a possibility if it used to work and stopped but otherwise I’m suspecting that it’s just a question of midi channels.


Thanks will check that and report back.

So I played w/it a bit and It seems I can transmit to both keyboards using Midi 1- 4 and also I have HX3 organ (hardware) that always works on Channel 9-10 (this isn’t on GP though). I can run all midi channels on lower keyboard just not on upper. That means I can make it work if I have to :slight_smile: This keyboard only transmits on 3 channels lower and 3 upper which is usually fine for my live rig


So what exactly is not working then? Are you trying to play a specific plugin from the upper keyboard and it’s not responding?


Yes it turned out to be rig manager, Thanks so much. It was looking for a different controller on those midi channels. I have to learn how to actually use Rig Controller seems like a powerful tool. I will change status to solved

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