MIDI Channel selector for MIDI IN module's keyboard

The MIDI IN module has a keyboard at the bottom which is good for testing, but unfortunately it only outputs on MIDI channel 1. So for drum plugins, for example, I’ve had to either set the MIDI IN filter to remap Ch. 1 to Ch. 10, or set the plugin to recognize input from Ch. 1. Neither is a good solution, b/c I don’t want the drum plugin to react to Ch. 1 at all, only to Ch. 10. Would be great if I could set the MIDI IN module’s keyboard to output to Ch. 10 (or another channel).

Thank you for your suggestion. The free MIDIChannelize plugin from PizMidi can be used to change the channel number of events coming from a MIDI in block. We will think about a built-in approach for a future version

Thank you, it’s good to know about MIDIChannelize. It won’t work for my purpose, however, because it “Transforms everything to the selected channel”. I just need the output of a MIDI IN’s virtual keyboard to be rechanneled, not the MIDI that comes into the MIDI IN module.

PizMidi also contains a plugin called midiKeyboard, which you could use instead of the virtual keyboard in the MIDI IN block. Between that and the midiChannelize, you should be able to get the results you want.

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Perhaps I’m missing something. Why can’t you just change the channel map value for channel 1?
See image - if I change it to 10 and then click on that keyboard, the events will output on channel 10.

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The reason is, I don’t want this MIDI IN block to accept any messages on CH. 1, only CH. 10. Remapping CH. 1 messages to CH. 10 means my drum plugin will play CH. 1 messages.

There are situations where I have only one MIDI port with its 16 channels, Channel 1 is for synth, and I don’t want it playing drum sounds.

Then create a MIDI IN OSC block (for example) and just use that instead.



For my understanding:
All incoming MIDI must not be changed.
Only when you play on the internal Keyboard you want to sent it on Channel 10 right?

Why not use a “Dummy” MIDI IN block and you route it to your Drum-Modul and route the channel?

That is my workaround for now, but it’s not ideal because although it lets me play the drum plugin from the virtual keyboard, it also passes incoming Ch. 1 messages (remapped as Ch. 10) to the drum plugin, which I don’t want.

I haven’t had a need to get into OSC yet, but I’ll take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

No, you don’t need to get into OSC. The point is, if you use an OSC plugin (and there’s no OSC), then it won’t pass through any MIDI events. So you can treat it as a DUMMY plugin that is just available for you to click on the keyboard and get events coming out on the correct channel

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That’s actually a really good solution. It could be any MIDI IN interface that isn’t being used elsewhere, but since I am using all my MIDI interfaces, but I’m not using OSC, OSC is the right choice. Thanks again!

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Even if you were using OSC, this solution would still work for you as OSC messages are targeted and unless you send a message specifically to that block, it won’t respond.